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Though you probably never thought about it, or even realized it, that rug that you love has a backing to it.

Backing comes in all sizes and types, but it is almost there. If it’s not, then it becomes evident pretty quickly that something is wrong.

Backing is what helps to protect a rug and its surface from getting damaged.

It is, therefore, an integral part of a rug, and one that you want to be sure is always in place. If the backing comes apart or is missing, you want to turn to us to get things handled.

Consider backing to be a security that everything is okay with your rug. If it’s missing then you have a problem.

Fix It Up for You

We can come in and assess what’s wrong with your rug backing. If it’s missing, we will replace it. If it’s broken, we will restore it. Whatever needs to be done, we will handle it, each and every time.

Backing is something we just take for granted. Unfortunately though, we often don’t realize its importance until it’s too late.

Don’t make this mistake—don’t ruin your rug or your floor surface.

If something seems amiss, call us. Chances are that it’s a backing issue. We can come and fix things up.

Backing will never be a concern or an issue for you again.

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