Antique Rug Cleaning & Repair

Giving old rugs new life

While Antique rugs can be made using a variety of techniques and virtually any material, the category itself is generally used to refer to any rug more than 60 years old.

In offering the best Antique rug cleaning in NJ, we know how precious Antique rugs can be and NJ Green Rug Cleaners offers organic cleaning solutions that are unsurpassed for their cleaning and safety to even the oldest rugs.

Solutions to meet your needs

After NJ Green Rug Cleaners staff inspects your rug to determine its cleaning needs and to spot any damage that might require repair, your Antique rug is carefully dusted and then hand-washed in an immersion bath with natural, non-toxic cleaning agents.

The final step in our NJ Antique rug cleaning services is to carefully lay it out flat in a climate controlled room to maintain the proper temperature and humidity as it dries. Depending on your rug’s unique needs, the organic cleaning process may need to be repeated or additional processes used.

You won’t believe your eyes

Cleaning may not always be enough to bring your Antique rug back to life. When that’s the case, NJ Green Rug Cleaners specialists are the best in New Jersey when it comes to repair and restoration and will recommend the repairs necessary to restore it, with results that will amaze you. Damage we can repair includes:

Missing corners, fringes and large holes

Rips and tears

Rugs that have lost their shape

Curls and wells

Damage of just about any kind, including pets, moths, water, mildew

Additionally, we provide complete service for your rug’s padding and backing as well as mothproofing and Scotchgard protection.