Organic Cleaning

A better clean naturally

In the past, rug and carpet cleaning depended on harsh and toxic chemicals that weren’t only bad for the environment but bad for you and your family’s health. And so we began our quest to provide the best organic rug cleaning in NJ.

At NJ Green Rug Cleaners, we knew there had to be a better way and set about to find the safest and most effective organic rug and carpet cleaning products. And after extensive research and testing, we found a number of great products produced by companies that share our commitment to a better, greener world.

Committed to a greener planet

At NJ Green Rug Cleaners, we’re committed to organic rug and carpet cleaning using only green products that utilize safe, non-toxic natural ingredients that have no harmful chemicals or detergents and cause no damage to the environment.

More than just green cleaning

NJ Green Rug Cleaners is about more than just not harming the environment but also about having as little impact on the environment as possible. In our organic carpet cleaning processes, we combine the power of steam cleaning and jet extraction with natural, biodegradable products. Many of our organic rugs cleaning processes use low-flow technology to reduce the amount of water required. And we recycle whenever possible.

Working together for a greener planet

We’re proud of our NJ organic rug cleaning services, and we encourage our customers to join us in working for a happier, healthier planet by choosing non-toxic organic cleaning products in their homes. Together, we can make a difference.