Rug Reweaving

Reweaving to Save the Old and Make it New Again

You probably never thought about what held your rug together. You probably never thought of it, that is, until it started to come apart.

The essence of any beautiful rug is the weave that holds it together. This is often an overlooked and under-estimated part of a gorgeous rug.

When the weave starts to come apart, the whole rug can crumble. That is, unless you turn to experts in re-weaving. And we are the company for the job.

Re-weaving can be an extensive process, but its one that can restore the vitality of your rug in no time at all.

Trust in Us for This Big Job

Though it doesnt have to be a terribly involved type of job, re-weaving is nothing that you want to leave to an inexperienced company.

Just one slip-up and the essence of your beautiful rug can be lost. Thats why it really pays to turn to us.

We have the expertise, the right tools, and the extensive knowledge to be able to turn your worn and battered rug back into one that you remember and love.

Re-weaving involves a very intricate process whereby we install an entirely new weave into the rug. However, we not only can do this, but we can do it with ease, each and every time.

Though you may look at that old rug and literally see the weave hanging out, theres nothing for you to worry about. Just call on us, and we will come to your home and re-weave the rug in no time at all.

That old rug can be beautiful againjust let us prove it to you.