Rug Hand Serging

Hand Serging to Protect an Old Rug

Often, when we purchase a rug, there is much that we take for granted. There are parts we just assume are intact and which will keep it looking new at all times.

One such part is called the serging and all rugs have it. No matter how old your rug. is or where you got it from, there is some sort of serging in place to hold things together.

The truth is that all serging is made up of is an overlay. This may sound simple, but its complicated if it comes undone.

If something doesnt seem right with your rug, or if it appears to be having a tough time holding up to the test of time, then you may need to turn your efforts to hand-serging.

This is nothing that you could, or would, want to handle on your own. Rather, youll want to leave it to experts like us.

It Happens to the Best Rugs

Though you may take great care of your rug, the necessity for hand-serging usually arises. You may think that good care provides this, but you do need some expert involvement.

When this important overlay becomes unattached, or somehow damaged, it can be devastating to a rug.

You want somebody like us to come in, repair the damage, and carry out the hand- serging. This will single-handedly protect your rug and get it back to normal.