Rug Binding

Binding to Hold It All Together

Those who take good care of their rugs know that time always takes its toll. Though you may be doing everything right, a rug inevitably starts to show its age after a while.

The truth is that a rug, more so than carpeting in many instances, can really get beaten up.

Though it may be a nostalgic or special rug, and hold many fond memories, that wont make it free from wear and tear.

When you are dealing with carpeting, you know that it is held to the floor with something. With rugs however, binding is essential to hold it altogether and ensure it doesnt slip all over the place.

Binding is also the first part of the rug that can become a problem, and thats why you want to go to a trusted resource.

Experience Really Pays Off

What you need to know about binding is that it shouldnt be too extensive a process. What you also need to know is that if left in the right hands, it will always be done quickly and easily.

If you leave it up to a company that doesnt have experience in this area, then you are going to have a whole mess to deal with.

You dont want to risk losing your beloved rug. So dont skimp when it comes to repairing the binding.

If you truly love that rug and want to restore it to the one you remember, then call on us to come handle your binding needs.