Rug Patching

Patching Work to Restore and Renew

Patch work may seem like an easy job. But although it may be easy in some areas, its not easy when it comes to rugs.

You can see firsthand how botched a job, gets when you work with a company that doesnt know how to handle patching.

Patchwork can be a simple restoration process - that is if it is handled appropriately. Think of what a favorite article of clothing looked like when bad patchwork was usedthe same philosophy holds true for a rug.

Bad patchwork shows up right away, and you dont want that for something you have cared for all these years.

Wear and Tear Really Does Happen

If you have pets, children, or just everyday foot traffic, then you will quickly see wear and tear.

Even in the quietest households, everyday wear and tear can take its toll on a rug. This is where you often see the need for patchwork, because tears and holes can easily show up.

If a patch isnt put in properly, then you will quickly see a major contrast.

We have worked with patching for years and, therefore, we know what were doing. Patchwork is nothing to leave to an amateur because you will see the messy job and the terrible results.

So, just as you would go to an expert to help you with patching your clothing, you want to do the same for patching your rug.

We are the experts to turn to, and the ones that will help you get the patching done in no time at all.