Should I Have My Rug Appraised?

Your rug should be appraised if it was hand-made before WWII, or has a history. Most rugs hand-made after WWII are appraised at around thirty-five dollars per square foot. If you suspect your rug is valuable, have it appraised for insurance purposes.

What Makes Rug Colors Uneven?

People who hand-make rugs also tend to dye their own fibers. As a result, dye colors vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot. This unevenness of color is an "abrash" in rug terms.

When Do I Need To Have My Rug Cleaned?

If your rug looks worn or dirty, have it cleaned. As a general rule, rugs should be cleaned every one to three years. If your rug is exposed to high traffic or pets, have it cleaned it once a year.

What Does Rug Cleaning Involve?

Rug cleaning professionals will determine the cleaning method best suited to your rug. The rug is then flushed with water to remove dirt. The clean rug is completely dried to prevent damage to the rug. Professional cleaners do not need to use harsh chemicals to clean your rug.

Are Scotchguard and Mothproofing Good For My Rug?

No. Scotchguard can trap stains within the rug, making it difficult or impossible to clean. Mothproofing leaves behind a harmful residue. Regular cleaning and care will prevent stains and moths from causing problems.

How Should I Treat Spills and Stains?

at stains right away. Clean up the mess, then use a water mixture to clean up the residue. Schedule a professional cleaning to prevent any lingering moisture from damaging your rug.

Non-Animal: 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon mild detergent

Animal: Water and white vinegar.