Handmade Rug Cleaning & Repair

Your treasure, our specialty

Made using a wide variety of fibers and techniques, handmade rug cleaning, repair and restoration can present unique challenges. At NJ Rug Cleaners, we’re up to the challenge offering unsurpassed organic Handmade rug cleaning in NJ, as well as rug repair and restoration services for your Handmade rug. 

The green advantage

Like every rug we clean, the textile specialists at NJ Green Rug Cleaners first inspect Handmade rugs for wear, stains, fading, odors, discoloration and other damage or cleaning needs.

Then, after determining what organic cleaning products are best for any particular rug, your Handmade rug is cleaned using only gentle hand washing methods and natural, biodegradable cleaners.

The rug restoration pros

If our inspection shows repairs are needed, the NJ Green Rug Cleaner repair and restoration specialists will make recommendations on how best to restore your handmade rug to tiptop condition. Our expertise isn’t limited to just NJ Handmade rug cleaning services, but is unsurpassed for restoration as well. Our restoration expertise is unsurpassed in New Jersey and beyond. Damage that can be repaired includes:

Fringes and corners that are missing

Rips, tears and holes

Pet, moth, water, mildew damage

Color fading and bleeds

In addition, we offer rug blocking and shearing services that can restore your wool rug’s shape and alleviate swells and curls. Other handmade rug repair and restoration services include backing, mothproofing, padding, binding and Scotchgard protection.