Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair

Lasting beauty from generation to generation

While the term "Oriental rug" applies to a wide variety of handmade rugs from many different regions of the world, NJ Green Rug Cleaners is the only name you need to know when it comes to Oriental rug cleaning, offering the very best Oriental rug cleaning in NJ. 

Clean and then some

At NJ Green Rug Cleaners, the first step in cleaning Oriental rugs is a careful inspection them to identify stains, discoloration, fading, wear, odors and other damage and to determine the best cleaning method.

Next, all rugs are pretreated in a salt and mineral solution. Then, your Oriental rug is cleaned using a green dry cleaning method that uses a natural, non-toxic and biodegradable solution or a gentle water extraction process.

When cleaning isn’t enough

If damage is found during our inspection, our textile specialists recommend the best ways to repair it. With skilled weavers on staff, our team are tops when it comes to not only NJ Oriental rug cleaning services, but Oriental rug repair and restoration as well.  

Damage that can be repaired through cleaning, reweaving and other techniques includes:

Missing corners and fringes

Water and mildew damage

Damage caused by moths or pets

Rips, tears, holes

Curling, loss of shape

Additional services offered by NJ Organic Rug Cleaners includes blocking and shearing to restore a rug’s shape and lay, padding, backing, binding, mothproofing and Scotchgard protection.