Persian Rug Cleaning & Repair

Rich in heritage and beauty

Meticulously hand-woven row by row as they have been throughout history, true Persian rugs originate in Iran and are as rich in heritage as they are in beauty. And with proper care and regular organic cleaning from NJ Green Rug Cleaners, you can be assured your Persian rug will provide pleasure for many years to come.

A new degree of clean

Here at NJ Green Rug Cleaners, we pride ourselves on being the best when it comes to Persian rug cleaning in NJ. First, we carefully inspect each rug to identifythe type of dirt and stains and to determine if there is any damage that might need repair.

The next step in cleaning your Persian rug at NJ Green Rug Cleaners is to carefully spread it out and gently scrub it by hand, using mild but powerful organic cleaners, free of harsh chemicals and detergents. 

Next, your rug is rinsed with cold, distilled water before being placed in a soak of natural biodegradable cleaners with gentle jets circulating the solution. After that, a final rinse in cold and distilled water, with the process repeated if needed.

Giving old rugs new life

Sometimes cleaning isn’t enough. With master weavers on staff, we offer not only the best Persian rug cleaning in NJ, but the best repair and restoration services as well, even if your Persian rug is missing corners or has sizeable holes.

Other damage that can be fixed through cleaning, reweaving and other techniques includes:

Missing fringes 

Water damage

Moth damage

Pet damage


In addition, we provide rug blocking and shearing, backing, binding, mothproofing, and Scotchgard services.