Rug Mothproofing

Mothproofing to Preserve the Life of That Rug

You probably grew up with the smell of mothballs in a closet. Even if you didnt, theres a good chance that you are familiar with that smell.

WBut while mothballs serve a good purpose for clothes and heirlooms, they dont necessarily protect every item in your home.

When you find that you need to protect your rug from the unsightly, and often unseen moths, then its time to turn to us.

Moths can be a real pest when it comes to household items like a rug. However if you turn to us, youll never have to worry about that again.

Moths Will Never Damage Again

TThough you may have had trouble with moths in the past, you never have to worry again. When it comes to your rug, we will handle the mothproofing.

Just as mothballs protect your favorite clothes, our mothproofing efforts will protect your favorite rugs.

Though you dont often see moths flying about the house, the damage can be felt for years to come. Unfortunately, these tiny pests can wreak havoc on your favorite rug.

Dont let this happenlet us come in and do the work to keep those moths away. Its simple but concise work and will ensure that your rug stands the test of time.

Moths can do serious damage to a rug, and weve seen this happen. We know what it takes to protect your rug and what it takes to keep the pests away.

Mothproofing doesnt take long, but the results are long-lasting and well worth it.