Silk Rug Cleaning & Repair

Treasured possessions then and now

Rare and precious since first produced in China thousands of years ago, silk has long been valued for its luxurious feel and beauty. And to protect and preserve the beauty of silk rugs, there’s simply no more professional or expert care in New Jersey than the cleaning, repair and restoration services offered by NJ Green Rug Cleaners. 

Green clean

Easy to stain, silk also weakens when wet, and without regular cleaning and care, can easily develop holes and tears. Our Silk rug specialists are pros when it comes to offering superior NJ Silk rug cleaning services.   

To make sure your rug isn’t damaged, each Silk rug cleaning NJ Green Rug Cleaners cleans begins with a careful inspection by one of our silk specialists to identify the type of dirt and stains involved and any potential damage and problems.

For the actual Silk rug cleaning itself, we usually recommend our specialized environmentally friendly and organic dry-cleaning process that uses a biodegradable non-toxic green cleaning solution to completely lift dirt and grime without damaging the delicate fabric.

Bringing back the beauty

With regular cleaning and care, your Silk rug should give you a lifetime of pleasure. And while you’ll find no better NJ Silk rug cleaning services, sometimes, cleaning isn’t enough. 

With a team of textile professionals, including skilled weavers, on staff, there’s no better Silk rug restoration to be found in New Jersey or beyond than at NJ Green Rug Cleaners. Damage we can repair through cleaning, re-weaving and other restorative techniques are:

Damaged or missing fringes and corners

Damage from mildew, pets and moths

Water damage

Holes, rips and tears

Color bleeding

And much more

At NJ Green Rug Cleaners, every Silk rug we clean, repair or restore is our most important, because we know our success depends on not only meeting, but also exceeding your expectations.