Turkish Rug Cleaning & Repair

Beautiful and enduring

Usually woven with a flat weave without pile, Turkish rugs have their roots in utilitarian use, first woven by nomads for warmth and uses such as tent curtains, but have long since been regarded as works of art.

At NJ Green Cleaners, we are the leader in organic Turkish rug cleaning in NJ with the expertise you need to protect and preserve your work of art for years to come.

The challenges of cleaning

Usually using a tight weave that produces a flat surface, NJ Green Cleaners is familiar withthe special care needed to preserve a Turkish rug’s unique characteristics. Making the cleaning process even more challenging, the outside fibers of wool actually repel water while interior fibers absorb it. And to further complicate matters, cotton and silk are also sometimes used in combination with wool.

Meeting the challenge

Like every rug we clean in NJ, Turkish rug cleaningservices starts with a thorough examination by our textile specialists to determine the nature of soiling and stains and to pinpoint any damage that might need repair.

Next, we bathe your rug in a 100 percent natural bath of conditioning minerals that permeates all of its fibers. Backing and front are then cleaned separately using natural, non-toxic products before being rinsed in distilled water with a low PH value. Finally, your rug is carefully hung to dry in a temperature and humidity controlled room.

Beyond cleaning

When more than organic cleaning is needed, NJ Green Rug Cleaners’ specialists are the best in New Jersey when it comes to restoration and will recommend the best ways to repair and restore your rug. With skilled weavers on staff, we’re even able to repair missing corners or large holes.

Other problems we can successfully address include:

Damage from water, mildew, pets, moths

Missing fringes, holes, rips, tears

Color fading

In addition, we offer rug blocking and shearing to restore a rug’s shape and smooth it out, and rug binding, backing, mothproofing and Scotchgardservices.