Wool Rug Cleaning & Repair

Versatile and beautiful

While skilled weavers in virtually every corner of the world have produced Wool rugs of unsurpassed beauty for generations, the only location you need to know when it comes to proper care, cleaning and protection of your Wool rug is that of NJ Green Rug Cleaners.

Wool’s unique challenges

When it comes to cleaning, wool can present some unique challenges. While the interior fibers of wool absorb moisture, the exterior of the fibers actually repels it, making it difficult to clean properly.

With unsurpassed expertise when it comes to NJ Wool rug cleaning services, your Wool rug is first inspected to determine its cleaning needs and any damage that might need repair. Next, the organic cleaning specialists at NJ Green Rug Cleaners next use a bath of natural, non-toxic minerals that completely permeates your Wool rug’s fibers to not only help clean it, but condition it as well.

Next, the front and back of your rug are cleaned separately, using completely natural cleaning solutions and environmentally responsible processes. After a rinse in distilled water with a low PH value, the rug is taken to drying rooms, where temperature and humidity are both carefully controlled to ensure proper drying.

The craft of restoration

If repairs are needed, our Wool rug specialists will make recommendations on how best to proceed. NJ Green Rug Cleaners prides itself on offering not only the best in Wool rug cleaning in NJ, but the best and most complete wool rug repair and restoration services as well.

With craftsman on staff gifted at weaving and other repair techniques, damage we can repair includes:

Missing corners, and fringes

Holes, rips, tears

Pet, moth, water, mildew damage

Color bleeds and fading

Our rug blocking and shearing services can restore your wool rug’s shape and alleviate curls and swells. Other wool rug repair and restoration services include padding, backing, mothproofing, binding and Scotchgard protection.